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A Bit About Me

I train myself 4 days a week, eat a healthy clean diet, and allow myself one “free” meal a week. This eating and exercise program helps boost my metabolism. I believe nutrition combined with exercise is the key to achieving amazing and quicker results. Being Italian, and following a Mediterranean diet comes naturally for me, and therefore enables me to help my clients with recipes and food preparation tips because I want to help them to be successful in their lifestyle change.

Over the last few years, I have dedicated my time and energy to specializing in Women’s Health, focusing on every aspect in the different paths of life.

It has been so rewarding being able to help women find themselves again:

  • in a new body by losing weight,

  • gaining the lost confidence, feeling strong and beautiful

  • leaving those pelvic floors issues behind

  • through pregnancy support and preparing for the long delivery ‘marathon’

  • post-birth rehabilitation for their body with nurturing food and gradual exercise in anticipation of future challenges associated with menopause and hormonal changes.

I believe that the approach to nutrition and exercise of my programs will bring every woman, who wants to invest in themselves, to the right road of strength and conditioning. Let us make that journey together.

My Fitness Certifications

Advanced Diploma in Personal Training - Level 3 

Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner

Advanced Post-Natal Wellness Practitioner

NatalStrength ®

Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post-Natal Healing and Recovery

FMT RockPods Myofascial Cupping Certified


Exercise Nutrition

RockTape FTM Level 1 & Level 2 - RockDoc Certified

Suspension Fitness

Group Personal Training

Emergency First Aid

W: The Science and Strategies for Corrective Exercise and the Client in Pain

W: Training Clients with Long-Term Health Conditions

Introduction to Life Coaching Specialist - Addictive Habits

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