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Mobility Exercises

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We often tend to start exercising going straight to a running machine or using a set of weights or even stretching before we do any other movements. It is so important to complete a series of mobility exercises before starting any active warm up to prevent injury. The mobility exercises prepare the joints lubricating them with the so called 'synovial fluid'. Its principal role is to reduce friction between the articular cartilage of the synovial joints during movement. By doing this the blood starts flowing and we are preparing our body for workout.

Try this Mobility Exercises Routine: - Starting from the top of our body with neck movements, shoulders, hips and ankles and you can definitely add hands, wrist, elbows... - About 10 movements each, which will need to be performed slowly and with a comfortable range. I always start from the top so I don't miss any movements. Stand tall with your feet firmly on the floor and engage your core.

1) Nose to sky, Nose to earth - in other ways, say Yes with your head

2) Say no with your head

3) Hear to shoulder right and then left

4) Roll the shoulders, forward and then backward, then again making the movement bigger using your arms

5) Roll your hips to go round... a little like dancing Salsa...

6) Lift your knee, hold on onto something if you struggling with balance, and perform a single leg hip rotation, inwards first and then outwards, one leg at the time

7) Few rounds of your ankles one way then the other - Breathing is so important, this should be done slowly throughout to enable oxygen to get into the joints. It only takes 3/4 minutes before every workout. In the long term you will definitely see the benefits with regards to mobility and flexibility. I have loaded a little video to show you my every day routine, you can find it in Silviactive Facebook Page.

Let's get strong!!!! #mobilityexercises Silviactive

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